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Estación de reballing Puhui IRDA 862++

$1,350,000 $1,290,000

Technical parameters  

Power: 800W

Voltage: AC110V / 60HZ

Infrared lamp body power: 120W

Preheating plate power: 600W

Working bench size: 360*270mm

Infrared lamp body heating size: 35*35mm

Preheating plate size: 120*120mm

Preheating plate temperature range: 60-200°C

 Infrared lamp body temperature range: 100-350°C



1. Infrared welding technology which was developed independently.

2. Infrared heating is easy to pierce and distribute evenly,can avoid the IC damage due to the fast or uninterrupted heating up.

3. Easy operate; user can operate skillfully after one-day training.

4. No need welding tools, it can weld any chips under 35mm.

 With hot melt system, preheating range 120*120mm.

5. It doesn’t impact the smart parts without hot air, and suits to weld all kinds of chips, especially Micro BGA components.