Estacion de soldadura Baku 702L «version especial»
8 septiembre, 2016
Estacion de soldadura WEP 902D
8 septiembre, 2016
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Estación de soldadura WEP 852D

$245,000 $210,000

WEP 852D+  SMD rework station

Product Features

1.This two-in-one combo includes both a top-notch brushless air gun and a high-quality soldering station.

2.Two-in-one hot air gun and soldering iron, double LED digital display, stylishly compact, feature-rich.

3.An anti-static design effectively prevents damage to delicate components;

4.The back of the machine features a main power supply switch. For added energy savings and greater safety, turn off the main power supply switch when the machine will not be used for a long period of time.

5.Common features of the handle of the brushless fan type hot air gun:

(b) The hot air gun’s heating element employs brand new columned heating core developed with a ceramic process, having strong stability, resistance to impact and dropping, and extraordinarily vibration-mitigation ability.

(c) The outlet steel cylinder of the handle and the hot air gun nozzle are made of superior stainless steel with better conductivity and strong oxidation resistance;

Product parameter


                                   Machine parameter
Rated voltage AC 110V±10%  60Hz
Machine power 550W±10%(MAX)
 working environment 0~40℃  relative humidity <80%
Storage temperature -20~80℃  relative humidity <80%
Machine size 25.5*18.8*12.5cm
weight 4.5KG
Part of performance parameters Hot air gun Solering iron
Working voltage AC 110V±10%  60Hz AC 26V±10%  60Hz
Output power 500W 45W
 temperature range 100℃~480℃ 200℃~480℃
Mode of airflow  Diaphragm Pump
airflow 24 L/min(max)
Temperature stability ±15℃ (static) ±10℃ (static)
Display LED LED
heater Heating core ceramics heater common heater
Tips to ground impedance <2Ω
Tips voltage to ground

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