Estación de soldadura 3 en 1 WEP 853-2A (con fuente regulada 15V / 2A)
9 diciembre, 2016
Estación de soldadura 3 en 1 WEP 853-3A (con fuente regulada 15V / 3A)
12 diciembre, 2016
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Estación de soldadura 3 en 1 WEP 853-1A (con fuente regulada 15V / 1A)

$365,000 $355,000

WEP 853- 1A USB new type hot air mobile phone repair soldering station with Auto/Manual function  


Based on the Company’s revolutionary, innovative design and meeting existing demands of the communication market, this all-in-one machine uses the latest chip technology and integrates a DC power supply, hot air gun, and soldering station!

  1. Temperature controls utilize core technology, adopting microprocessor-PID programming for high-speed 100ms real-time tracking of air gun outlet temperatures and soldering iron tip temperatures, with real-time calibration! Outlet temperatures are extremely stable.
  2. With PID high-speed 100ms rapid temperature calibration, conversions are energy-efficient, providing constant temperature power consumption at levels much lower than comparable machines, equating to greater energy savings!
  3. The air gun handle wire employs a high-temperature silicone wire (undamaged when 300o soldering tip contacts silicone wire for 30 seconds), stainless steel tubing, and a cutting-edge ceramic framed heating core for extremely stable and reliable performance!
  4. The air gun features manual/automatic work mode conversion
  5. The soldering iron features a sleep function that can be set 10 minutes.

7.This new type add to 5V output USB interface ,it more convenience repair mobile phone,also can use power supply for mobile.

8.All parts is LED digital display ,and the current is 4 digital precise display current value,the current value can precise display mA is very directly perceived through the senses.

9.The soldering iron has an iron tip cleaner and internal rosin. The rosin aids in the soldering of circuit boards by removing oxide films on the iron tip, reproduces oxidation, reduces iron tip surface tension, and rapidly removes oxides.

  1. Pioneering with handle safety protection, an industry-first, a docked handle in the handle holder is required each time prior to machine operation. If not (placed) in the handle holder, the operator will not be able to detect compliance with safety instructions and the machine will not work. The purpose of such a function is to prevent handle misplacement or accidental placement in unsafe or flammable (work) locations that could lead to undesirable consequences.



Rated voltage AC 110V±10%  60Hz
Total power ≤765W
Operating Environment 0~40℃ relative humidity<80%
Storage environment -20~80℃  relative humidity<80%
Dimension 255*188*125mm
Weight 4.2KG
Performance Parameter Hot air rework Soldering iron
Operating Voltage AC 110V±10%  60Hz AC 26V±10%  60Hz
Output power 720W 50W
Temperature range 100℃~480℃ 200℃~480℃
Air Supply Mode Brushless-Motor Fan
Air Flow 120L/min(MAX)
   Temperature Stability ±2℃ (Static) ±2℃ (Static)
Display Mode red LED display red LED display
Heating Core Ceramic Framed Heating Core Common Heating Core
Standard nozzles/tips (10mm,8mm,5mm,13mm)

4 PCS nozzles

Tip-to-Ground Impedance <2Ω
Tip-to-Ground Voltage <2mV
DC power supply
Output voltage  0~15V
Output current 0-1A
 Output power 15W
Protection Mode Short-circuit over-current
Voltage display Mode red LED display
Current display Mode red LED display
  Load stability <0.01±2mv
Ripple and Noise <1mvrms(virtual value)