Estación profesional de soldadura WEP 992 DA+
17 noviembre, 2016
Estación de soldadura 3 en 1 WEP 853-1A (con fuente regulada 15V / 1A)
12 diciembre, 2016
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Estación de soldadura 3 en 1 WEP 853-2A (con fuente regulada 15V / 2A)

$395,000 $385,000


1.Soldering iron used large power imported heater,iron handle used high temperature resistant silicone cable,imported heater not only suitable for common desoldering,but also very suitable for big Solder joints,

Coarse  terminal and Miscellaneous difficult welding.

2.Soldering iron part add the vibration of dormancy function ,sleep time set to 10 minutes,iron handle use imported heater iron handle.

3.Hot air rework part add AUTO/MANUL function

Air gun handle add to auto./manual conversion function ,
Manual mode: air gun back into the handle frame, air gun to maintain the current state of the work,

the manual mode is suitable for frequent use of air guns, eliminating the need for back and forth to cool

the warming process, convenient.Automatic mode: air gun back into the handle frame, air gun automatic cooling to standby, automatic mode for  infrequently used air gun to save energy and reduce wear and tear on the machine, to extend the life of the machine

4.Power supply part add 5V USB output,it’s convenient to repair and supply power to mobile phone

5.Current used LED 4 digital display,0~2A  milliampere display,be more accurate than pointer display,

can direct read the Am value.

6.The goods inside board use double panel SMT technology,the performance more stability and durable.

7.Larger terminal,larger output power.

8.The iron holder is more professional and convenience ,the iron holder include solder tips flux

and cleaner tips copper wire ball,more convenience clean tips,it’s prolong use life.

9.The machine back side inside have Cooling fan,if the machine long time use of it ,it will help the machine heat radiation, this is good for prolong the machine use life.


Technical Data:
Input voltage: AC110V±10%
Power consumption:700W
Gun temperature range:100-480 C
Gun Type:Brushless fan
Heater material:Nickel-alloys
Air flow:120L/min. 
Gun heater resistance:90Ω
Soldering section:
Soldering iron temperature range: 200-480 C  
Soldering iron heater material
Common heater (50W)
Soldering iron heater resistance:15Ω
Soldering iron cable:Silicagel line
AC/DC power supply section:
Output power: 30W
Output voltage/current:0-15V  (0-2A)
Load stability:0.01±2mv  
Recovery time:<100us –100us–=»»>