Microscopio óptico Binocular SVSZM7045B-J4L
15 febrero, 2019
Mascara UV / Mechanic-UVH-900
20 marzo, 2019
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Microscopio óptico Binocular SVSZM6745B-J4L (microscopio de Inspección)

$2,558,500 $2,499,000

1.Viewing Image: Sharp stereo erect image over a wide field of view
2. Viewing Head 45° inclined,360° rotatable Binocular head.  Both ocular-tube with diopter adjustment ±5dp. The interpupillary distance is between 54-75mm
3. Eyepiece: WF10X /22mm
4. Zoom Objectives:  0.67X-4.5X
5. Zoom Ratio: 1:6.7

6. Illumination: Dual  LED with brightness adjustable
7. Working Distance: 105mm

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