Microscopio óptico binocular SVZTX-E-C3-DG (doble lámpara Led cuello flexible)
15 febrero, 2019
Microscopio óptico Binocular SVSZM6745B-J4L (microscopio de Inspección)
15 febrero, 2019
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Microscopio óptico Binocular SVSZM7045B-J4L

$2,356,200 $2,261,000

Eyepiece High eye point wide field eyepiece WF10X/20mm ( can be mounted micrometer )
Observation head SZM7045: binocular head, 45 ° tilt, continuous zoom lens 0.7X-4.5X, working distance 100mm. pupillary distance adjustment range of 54mm-76mm, depending on the degree of bilateral adjustable ± 5 diopter .
SZM-7045TR tee viewing head. 45 ° tilt , 360 ° rotation ; photographic camera can be equipped with the interface
Auxiliary lens N/A
Focus brackets A1 focus frames, focusing hand wheel adjustable elastic , lifting range 50mm.
Base J4 Column large flat base
Light Two  LED light / cold light illumination