Microscopio óptico binocular 10x-20X-40X SVHST-93 luz Led (electrónica, filatelia, odontología, numismática,etc)
15 febrero, 2019
Microscopio óptico binocular SVZTX-E-C3-DG (doble lámpara Led cuello flexible)
15 febrero, 2019
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Microscopio óptico Trinocular 1600X / SVNK-107T Biología

$2,130,100 $2,082,500

Viewing head    Trinocular / blocking bar x Tri function

1.45°inclined and 360°rotational with the reasonable system for easily viewing.
2.Wide field eyepiece WF10X
3.Achromatic objective DIN4X,10X,40X(S),100X(S,Oil)

4.Nosepiece  Quadruple  nosepiece

5.Stage  Double layers moving stage 140mm*140mm, Moving ringe:75*50mm

5.Foucusing    Coaxial coarse&Fine focus adjustment system
6.Illumination   Halogen lamp with brightness ajustment

7.Condenser   Abbe NA1.25 with lris Diaphram and Filter

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